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13 Carpet Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking Great

Oct 13, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning, Uncategorized

13 Carpet Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking Great

Carpet stains are inevitable. No matter how much you may try to prevent it, spills and accidents are bound to happen. But the good news is, they’re no match for Chem-Dry of Santa Cruz County carpet cleaning near the surrounding areas like San Lorenzo Park, Aptos, Watsonville, and other surrounding areas! 

There are also a few simple yet significant tricks to help make sure those stains won’t stick around forever. Here are some of our pro tips. 

#1 – Gently blot stains.

Vigorously rubbing stains can work them deeper into the fibers and make them even more difficult to remove. Gently blot instead. 

#2 – Use club soda. 

Fill a spray bottle with an equal parts club soda and vinegar solution to use it as a spot treatment.

#3 – Try a lint roller. 

These can snatch hair and crumbs that even vacuuming seems to miss. 

#4 – Use hydrogen peroxide. 

This works well for tough stains like wine or blood. 

#5 – Use a squeegee to remove pet hair. 

It’s possible that you’re shocked at how well this works in removing pet hair from carpets and furniture.

#6 – Fluff matted down the carpet with vinegar. 

Spray a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar on matted carpet spots, then fluff the area using a spoon. 

#7 – Use shaving cream.

Apply directly to the stain, wait about 30 minutes, then scoop it away and rinse the area with diluted white vinegar. 

#8 – Remove gum with an ice cube. 

By placing an ice cube over the gum for a minute or two, then using scissors or a knife to chip away the frozen pieces.

#9 – Remove wax stains with an iron. 

Use 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar on the wax first, then place a towel over it and iron on the lowest setting. The wax should transfer to the towel. 

#10 – Use dish soap on tough grease. 

A few drops of dish soap in warm water can work wonders when it comes to getting rid of greasy stains. 

#11 – Utilize area rugs and runners in high-traffic areas. 

Place area rugs over areas that get walked on frequently to protect your carpet in high-traffic regions.

#12 – Keep up with annual pet urine odor removal

Get rid of potent odor crystals trapped deep in your carpet with professional treatment at least on an annual basis. 

#13 – Have your carpets cleaned often. 

A professional cleaning of your carpets yearly or between-seasons is a good rule of thumb.

Carpet Cleaning With Chem-Dry of Santa Cruz County

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Santa Cruz County, Scotts Valley, and other surrounding areas, there is no better method than Chem-Dry! 

Request your FREE price quote for carpet cleaning with Chem-Dry of Santa Cruz County and the surrounding areas today.


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