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Our Favorite Hacks for In Between Carpet Cleaning Visits

Jul 11, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning, Uncategorized

Our Favorite Hacks for In Between Carpet Cleaning Visits

Our Favorite Hacks for In Between Carpet Cleaning Visits

Looking for a way to keep your carpets fresh during those in-between visits from your local Chem-Dry of Santa Cruz Valley? Getting your carpet cleaned in Santa Cruz, CA, is a vital part of keeping your home clean. Our professionals recommend having your carpets deep cleaned at least every 6-12 months. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply want your home to feel extra clean, there are a few simple carpet cleaning tricks to hold you over until you’re able to schedule a carpet cleaning visit from the professionals who do it best. 

Plus, these hacks are easy to do with a few everyday ingredients you have on hand at home. They’ll make it easy for you to accomplish some last-minute carpet cleaning before your guests arrive at your home in Santa Cruz, CA.

Get ready to jot down our technicians’ top hacks for getting your carpet looking its best in between scheduled deep cleans:

Tip 1: The Ice Cube Lifter

Rearranging furniture is a great way to give any room a new look and revitalized feel. Yet all too often you’ll notice heavy furniture has left deep imprints on your carpet that distract you from enjoying your space. The carpet underneath your furniture will be softer and plusher as opposed to high traffic areas.

If you’ve tried to deal with these odd dents on your own, you’ve likely been stumped as to how you can get those small areas of your carpet back to their normal state after so much time under pressure. Once you have your carpet cleaning in Santa Cruz, CA complete, you’ll be able to freshen up and fluff up even the high-traffic areas of your home.

Place a regular ice cube on those annoying impressions and give it time to melt. Next, dab away the excess water with a white cotton cloth. Then, place another white towel down over the area and iron on top of it until the carpet fibers are nearly dry. This will leave them soft, pliable, and lifted up to their former state. 

Tip #2: Nozzle Vacuuming for Shag Carpets

Shag carpets can make quite a statement as they are coming back in style, but it’s just as tough to get your carpets clean as ever. Although you may feel like this kind of carpet needs to be vacuumed extra frequently, vacuuming can cause shag fibers to become frizzy, loosen, and shed. This not only destroys the carpet but can also cause a mess in your home. 

Fortunately, there’s a way to keep your shag carpet clean without having to deal with constant shedding. Instead of using your vacuum, as usual, get out the hose attachment to do more detailed vacuuming of your shag carpet. The concentrated nozzle will clean deep into the roots of the carpet without stressing its weave, resulting in less fiber loss and frizz. 

Carpet cleaning your beautiful home in Santa Cruz, CA is made easy with Chem-Dry. Just schedule an appointment with our local pros in Santa Cruz, CA to clean your carpets today. 

Make sure to keep your carpets looking fresh in-between cleanings to keep them as beautiful as the day you bought them! Call today to schedule your appointment! (831) 688-4858

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